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Some Clarity on Influencer Marketing

January wasn't a good month for influencer marketing, or more specifically, for the social media influencers themselves. First, there was the Logan Paul’s Japan video where he was disrespectful and completely insensitive to suicide victims. A type...

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Brands Should Rethink Their Facebook Strategy

It's been an exciting couple of months at Facebook. First, on December 18, Facebook announced it will be demoting posts with engagement baiting. This is when brands, and individuals, try to increase engagement by asking people to interact with their...

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Snowball Meme Marketing

How can you make Leonardo DiCaprio fly from the other side of the world to dine at your restaurant? The answer is simple: it’s the power of memes.   Although the concept is as old as civilization, meme (pronounced ‘meem’) is a term coined by...

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